Swedish Studies in European Law Vol. 8: Harmonising EU Competition Litigation

SSEL Volume 8. Bergström, Iacovides, Strand, red. Hart, Bloomsbury Publishing, Oxford

This volume in the Swedish Studies in European Law series, produced by the Swedish Network for European Legal Studies, heralds the new harmonised regime of private enforcement of EU competition law. In 2013, the Commission issued a communication and practical guide to the quantification of harm in antitrust litigation and a recommendation on collective redress. In 2014, the long-awaited Directive on actions for damages for infringements of EU competition law was finally adopted. In 2015, the Commission is expected to issue guidelines on the passing-on of overcharges. This book examines these recent developments and offers the perspectives of judges, officials, practitioners and academics.

With a preface by Judge Carl Wetter of the General Court, the book explores five different themes. Section one presents the main policy issues and challenges, and section two places the new regime in the bigger picture of recent EU law developments. Section three investigates the nexus between private enforcement and transparency. Section four offers a comparative perspective by looking into private enforcement in five Member State jurisdictions. Finally, issues relating to causation, harm and indirect purchasers are explored in section five.