Save the date: Spring Conference April 9-10

This year's Spring conference is planned to cover the sensetive topics of Freedom of religion in a European context and some of the very important legal disputes in this area on a European level, as well as on a national level. As is well known, the disputes have raised questions about the role of religion in democratic, both secular and non-secular, states. Questions that will be adressed during the conference concern i.e. the interpretation of the concept of 'religion' and how this interpretation depends on traditions, culture and historical experiences. Another aspect that will be addressed is the fact that the interpretation has shown to be dependent on the view of religious minorities, the actual context and the present political situation both in the European states and the world of today. In this context important issues have arisen about what should be the role of the courts and to what extent they should interfere. Among the keynote speakers are Advocate General Eleanor Sharpston, Professor Ronan McCrea of UCL and Head of the litigation unit at the Discrimination Ombudsman Martin Mörk.


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